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            About Kurita
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                Kurita was founded in Japan, 1949. Since its establishment, it has been dedicated to water-related businesses and R&D.
                For instance, in water treatment field, Kurita continues studies aimed at ultrapure water containing no impurities, and provides ultrapure water to semiconductor industry LSI which supports modern society; besides, Kurita makes great contributions to guarantee water resources on earth by taking advantage of seawater desalination technologies, water supply & drainage water treatment technologies and reclaimed water utilization technologies. Kurita technologies are widely used in all industries which require water, such as pharmaceutical water production, office or factory boiler’s cooling water treatment and drainage water treatment, etc.
                We not only provide water treatment chemicals and equipment, but also solve problems throughout all processes relating to water and operation, water and environment by technological consultation, project contracting and maintenance. Providing overall solutions to customers is Kurita’s mission.
                Since 2000s, aiming at “a leading enterprise in water and environment management”, Kurita has been devoted itself to such new businesses as soil and underground water purification, resources recycling and reuse, new energy, etc. so as to meet environmental demand in new era.  
          ※Appearance of Japan Headquarter Building
          ※Appearance of Suzhou factory 
          Registered capital 530,000,000 Yen (about 36,500,000 RMB)
          Established on May 17, 2004
          Registered capital 30,000,000 Yen (about 2,100,000 RMB)
          Established on Dec. 5, 2001
          Major business: Import & export of Waigaoqiao Bonded Zone, Shanghai
          Profile of mother company – Kurita Water Industries Ltd.
          Registered capital 13,450,000,000Yen (about 950,000,000 RMB)
          Established in 1949, annual sales 14.14 billion RMB
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