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            Product information
          Pure water equipment
          Drainage equipment
          Reclaimed water recycling equipment
          Norm commodity
            Pure water equipment
          Pure water·ultrapure water equipment

          Manufacturing infinitely approaches theoretical water”H2O” Remove organics, Ca, Na, Cl ions, etc. contained in water Kurita owns flocculation technology, UF technology, RO technology, ion exchange resin technology, chemical technology, and can undertake design, construction, running management of all devices.
          And it provides Japan high-performance machinery as well.
          (UF, RO, resin, pump, CleanPVC, UV, monitor, etc.)

          ■Semiconductor·LCD industry

          World’s highest level of ultrapure water production technology
          Perform design of equipment via water quality survey and analysis in all regions
          Prevent biological pollution and blockage of RO membrane, demonstrate an effect of keeping away from RO surface biological membrane.
          Ion exchange resin, cations and anions improve ion exchange efficiency via static bed.
          Improve cleaning efficiency and reduce cleaning water, chemicals through active functional water.
          ■Medicine·food industry

          Provide pure water as per hygiene standard.
          Suitable for pure water quality, significantly decrease chemicals consumption by using KCDI.
          ■Steel·Petrol ·Automobile ·Electric Power industries

          Provide pure water as required by production equipment.
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